Final Order Hearings


Do you need help walking up the agreed final orders for your Divorce, Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR) or Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA)? 

If you have already prepared and signed your documentation, then we're at the Bexar County Courthouse most Fridays at 2pm handling walk-ups


About Walk-Ups

What is a Walk-Up?

Simply put, the Walk-Up is the process of 'walking up' your documents for the judge to sign at a hearing.

After you have prepared and signed your legal documents, then the final step is to attend a short hearing in front of a judge. This process allows the judge to review your case and ultimately sign or reject your documents. If signed, your documents are entered with the court clerk and become 'final orders' which are then enforceable.

Depending on your county, it may be possible to have the court personnel assist you in scheduling a walk-up at no additional cost to you. However, the wait times can vary across the State of Texas from six (6) to twelve (12) months.

How much does it cost?

We charge $500 for up-to one (1) hour of legal services. We will review your documents and ensure that the format is acceptable before scheduling your court hearing. Please note, we can only review and approve the documents in terms of their form and not necessarily the substance. This means that it is your responsibility to make sure that your documents are complete, truthful and accurate, as the judge may very well question you on the content and even make changes if he or she sees fit. The hearing will be scheduled as soon as we have approved the documents and the full fee has been received.

When and where does the firm do the walk up?

The Walk-Up hearing will be booked at the Bexar County Courthouse: 100 Dolorosa, Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas 78205 You will find us outside Presiding Court, Suite 1.09 on the First Floor at 2pm most Fridays (or on a Thursday in the case of a week with a Friday public holiday). We will email you with all the details once we have scheduled your hearing with the court.

Is there a Dress Code?

Yes. The court expects you to wear smart attire (aim for smart casual).
No hats
No tank-tops
No shorts
No open-toe shoes The court may turn you away if you are inappropriately dressed and we will have to reset the Hearing at additional cost to you.

What if I fail to appear?

If you miss the Hearing, there will be a penalty charge of $200, unless we are given notice of your inability to attend more than twenty four (24) hours in advance. The penalty charge is payable within thirty (30) days and we will reschedule you as soon as you make the payment.

Am I eligible for a walk-up?

To be eligible, you will need: - to have correctly prepared and signed your own legal documents. - to confirm your cause number and confirm that the case is still pending and not disposed (closed). Courts will typically close a case if there has been a long period (approximately 12 months) with no litigation or activity. - to have filed an answer, the Waiver of Service or proof of return of service (if the other party was served). - to have filed a proof of non-paternity (if you or your spouse had a child with someone else during the marriage). - to have waited for the mandatory cooling-off period (e.g. sixty (60) days for a Divorce in Texas) to have expired, if any. We will review your case to make sure that you are eligible before we schedule the hearing.

What if the judge rejects my paperwork?

Whilst rare, a judge may look to amend the terms or reject your documents at his or her discretion. As such, it is important that you know that we cannot make any guarantees as to the outcome of any hearing. If your documents are rejected for any reason and another hearing is needed, then we will inform you of any implications and any additional costs that you may need to bear.


Lauren Carrington Smyth

Managing Partner

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